Fondazione Zimei is a non-profit organization that has been set up in Pescara in 2014 by the Family Zimei, to give continuity to the values and actions of Antonio Zimei in a place designed for art and contemporary culture.

The Foundation’s main aim is to promote contemporary art and to provide a space for dialogue and experimentation with a focus on the enhancement and support of young artists and curators as a part of a more extensive and detailed program of activities that include exhibitions, workshops, seminars, research and publishing in relationship with the territory where individual, social and territorial aspirations meet those coming from other international contexts, to establish productive synergies and collaborations, and to encourage cultural exchanges in an environment that is inclusive, dynamic, inspiring and open to dialogue.

To achieve this aim the Foundation intends:

  • to promote the research of young artists and curators, helping to consolidate their career through residences and cultural exchanges with other national and international organizations working in the field of contemporary art through the mobilization of artists, curators and artworks;
  • to broaden the audience interested in contemporary art through exhibitions, educational tools and training;
  • to offer orientation and counselling, as well as publishing services, planning and management of events, exhibitions and debates, European projects planning and management;
  • to promote a documentation service on art and contemporary culture in general, addressed to the various publics and organized in the form of an Archive;
  • to introduce an innovative model of cultural mediation aimed at creating public spaces and artworks in order to realize a cultural, strategic and integrated planning within the territory and with the agreement of public and private institutions.

The Foundation and the territory

With the belief that when local culture meets global culture, both reinforce (C. Geertz), the Foundation intends to work through processes that trigger virtuous circles and across-the-board dialogue in order to promote local talent and cooperation with international actors. To this end, the Foundation will act in cooperation with public and private institutions at various levels (local, national and international) and with the strong involvement of local realities including those of business and professional world.

Open meetings will be organized to facilitate the process of inclusion: seminars, workshops and thematic tables together with new media will represent the tools to design, connect, guide and monitor the activities of the Foundation and its partners.

In this way Fondazione Zimei intends to define the basis for the creation of a permanent design platform on the territory, while closely working with a network of international organizations dedicated to art and contemporary culture.


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