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Familia is long term project by Zimei Foundation to promote contemporary art and to provide a space for dialogue, confrontation and experimentation to young artists, curators, critics, researchers, writers ecc for developing their artistic work and theorical research and to foster skills’ exchange and professional growth.

The artists are selected through an open calls regularly on the website…. and spread on art platforms or by invitation of curators, as well as through the Residency_application form submitted by artists and curators themselves. The Foundation will invite artists and curators in residence to partecipate to meeting, talks, debates, lectures.

Organization and methods of participation
The Residence is open from first of May up to 15th of October and two turns of residences are planned of minimum 1 month:

First from 15th May to 15th july;

Second from 1th August to 1th October

The Foundation offers :

  • a fee of 1000,00 euros monthly for hospitality and production expences, for a total ammount of 2000,00 euros for each artist in residence.
  • 3 independent apartments
  • 1 open space as co-working space of about 300 square meters for conferences
  • 2 Labs/ working studios
  • 1 computers room with wi-fi internet connection and 2 personal computers with design programs

Moreover residents will have a common kitchen (24 square meters). Every apartment can host maximum two/three people. The villa is located in a large garden that they could use respecting the nature that is grown.

During the stay in residence the selected artists and curators will receive a fee to cover accomodation and production expences. The travel costs from and to the Residence shall be borne to the artists and curators. If necessary artists and curators in residence for one month can be accompanied by technical staff and they could have a car only for shifts on site and the cost for fuel is borne by residents themselves.

For short periods artists could be in residence in other organizations in Italy or abroad, by agreement between the parts.

The artists will undertake not to expose the search results during the residence in any other institution and give an art work at the Foundation Collection Zimei, with regular transfer agreement.

At the end of each residence the work done will be presented to the public through a final exhibition.


Various public and semi-public encounters in form of lectures, conversations, symposia, or workshops are being organized. In due time, each project/research carried out by residents is presented to the public.

There are no restrictions of nationality or age. The candidates will be selected on the basis of the quality of their research proposal and cv. Moreover Candidates are expected to have a considerable knowledge of modern and contemporary art history. Candidates are also expected to have experience in working in the art world. A basic knowledge of all practicalities connected to realising an exhibition project is expected. The candidate’s ability to speak and write English fluently is a prerequisite. If the ability to express oneself in English is considered to be insufficient, we strongly advise candidates to follow an intensive course before the start of the programme.

Required documentation
In case of self-candidacy, each applicant must fill in and submit the application form  together with the following list of documents as attachments to under “Residency Application” in the subject line, or by mail:
for artists: portfolio of selected works, curriculum, project to be developed in the studio (.pdf format)
_for critics, curators and researchers: curriculum and research project (.pdf format)
Residents are responsible for their own full­ coverage health insurance while in residency at our facilities as well as any kind of medical expences the residents may incur in during their stay for wich the Foundations can not be held responsible.

For further information please contact:
+39 380 144 38 16

Download the PDF application form

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