Foto 1: Sergio Limonta (Territorio_Anselmo #1), 2007, ph Massimo CamploneFoto

2: Sergio Limonta, Motivo da Giardino, 2016, ph. M. Camplone



For this exhibition “Politics of Nature”, i show two works. The first “Anselmo Territory Project”, in photographic form documenting an intervention in the nature, made in 2007s and placed at the Foundation’s entrance. The second work is “Garden motif”, we decided to place it outside, actually it may have different positions, but we thought it was better placed it in the nature. For the “Anselmo Territory”, had created a statue made in cardboard and plastic, reproducing a sculpture realized by Giovanni Anselmo of 1968s, sculpture eating salad. Mine was located in the urban nature’s remnants, in the streets, in the railways where the habit of throwing garbage or other stuff is still alive. On the one hand there was this collective violence of territory, on the other hand I was really fascinated by their artificial appearance which created a dialogue with the territory. Here I did the same, just like a guardian. Under the sculpture there was an explanation advising who ever found it that, however, it wouldn’t have been harmful to the environment, despite bad weather. The second work “Garden motif” is more recent, was born this year. It made up of circles forming a square according to diagonal lines, then multiplied on four sides, filling all space and creating different prospectives. The title was inspired by garden furniture from the 40s and 50s. The circles were put together by strings for resolving its lightness and elegance in a, we could say, domestic nature.


riprese G. Di Bartolomeo

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