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MODICA (RG) – Connected identities for a new great cultural and artistic project. The “Mas – Modica Art System” project kicks off with a three-day preview scheduled for this weekend. A cultural network that has as its starting point, and at the same time its final goal, the concept of identity, understood as a local, gender, cultural identity, but also a frontier identity.


A central theme that will be declined in the most varied meanings to arrive, in the end, at identification, at the discovery of a common unity that assembles the history of the city, its past, with the new stimuli that come from contemporary art. The “Mas – Modica Art System” will be a cultural community that virtually unites three places with the aim of creating a system in which to promote knowledge of contemporary art, involving in particular three artistic and cultural realities present and particularly active in the area: the Belgiorno Civic Museum, as an institution dedicated to didactic experiences, the Garibaldi Theater Foundation, a social and interactive place, and the CoCA, center of contemporary arts and library archive, a place of cultural production.


The entire project will be presented next Friday 25 November (5 pm at the Pietro Floridia auditorium), during the first of the three “Opening Days” dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of the initiative promoted through the Po Fesr Sicilia 2007-2013 / axis III / operational objective 3.1.3 / lines of action, with the Municipality of Modica as the leading body. Friday afternoon, after the greeting of the mayor Ignazio Abbate and the councilor for culture Orazio Di Giacomo, it will be up to the critic and curator of the project, Francesco Lucifora, to illustrate the main phases of the project which will see the creation of a real circuit of initiatives in program until June with the presence of numerous artists of European fame. The actor Carlo Cartier will speak for the Garibaldi Theater Foundation while Viviana Pitino will illustrate the tours that will introduce the city by connecting the “places of the Mas”, the three cornerstones of the project itself, namely the Belgiorno Museum, the Garibaldi Theater and the C.o.C.A. The next day, Saturday 26 November, it will already be possible to try these tours that start at 11 and 15 from the Palazzo della Cultura (info at 3663759350).


In the morning and in the afternoon at the Belgiorno Museum there will be the presentation of the educational workshops “Art in Action” aimed at creating a system aimed at encouraging dialogue and the exchange of experiences with the total involvement of young people. Finally, always on Saturday afternoon at 5.30 pm at the Cloister of Santa Maria del Gesù, the talk will be held “The identities of contemporary art” with the interventions of Daniela Bigi and Roberto Lambarelli, directors of Art and Critics, Massimiliano Scuderi, artistic director of the Foundation Zimei and Francesco Lucifora director of the CoCA The three-day event will end on Sunday 27 November at 6.30 pm at the Garibaldi Theater with the conference entitled “History of the tondo of the Garibaldi Theater” and the speech by the teacher Paolo Nifosì.


As part of the project, an online and offline archive of contemporary arts has already been activated that allows the knowledge, enhancement and promotion of knowledge relating to contemporary artistic creations and to the practices of relational, environmental and installation art, as well as the interactive art, video art and electronic art. This archive (accessible on the website www.archiviomas.it) represents one of the integrated services intended for users within the cultural network that is being created. To stay up to date on the “Mas – Modica Art System” project, you can visit the website www.progettomas.it or send an email to info@progettomas.it. MediaLive press office 21 November 2016


First of a trilogy of books devoted to the issue of the African Americans rights, Sculptures Vol. I of the photographer Alessandro Rizzi was recently acquired by the permanent collections of MoMA and Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as by different institutions between America and Europe. Sculptures is an ‘intimate and conceptual narrative of the biggest event of African Americans from the Martin L. King times. Photographs taken at Washington December 13, 2014, more precisely during the protest on civil rights which took place in the capital after the deaths and clashes of Ferguson, combine the political motivation an intimate dimension of the project linked to the author’s story with his girlfriend, an Italo-African-American writer.
For the presentation of the book the author will participate with an introduction of Massimiliano Scuderi.